The 5 Solas of the Protestant Reformation – Part 1: Scripture Alone

Reading from Galatians 1:6-9


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    Electa Mimba says

    My,my,my. Wow, You know, each time I listen to you I weep, you know why because you have allowed yourself to be used by God beyond measure in explaining Biblical truths in clear and simple language where even a 6 year old can understand the gospel and believe. Infact, many many Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers with their big Theological knowledge each time I hear the preach without a clear explanation of the gospel of Jesus, this makes me sick to a point where I feel like I am too much of a critic. But each time I listen to you, I am so so full that I shared tears, and do you know why, because I am wasting. But relief because I can share my faith online thanks to social media. But I love one on one, face to face. In all you are but a vessel in the Hands of the Almighty God may the Glory go to Him and Him alone. May HE continue to strengthen you, give you the grace to obey Him in preaching His Word as it is. Give you His Wisdom moment by moment to carry out the task He has given you in Jesus name. May He guide and protect your family and bind them with the cord of Love and may your children never be preys to the devil but vessels of honor in God’s Hands, and that they will be examples of their peers in this generation.

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