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Explore God – Kevin Burnett

We’re getting ready to do a series called “Explore God” along with the rest of the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. People at Southmont and all around the area with different beliefs will come together and ask the really big questions regarding faith and belief in a higher being, questions we all share pertaining to the world we live in. You need to make sure you get involved somewhere so you can join in on the conversation!

However you may be asking yourself: why do these topics matter? You may have already convinced yourself the answers are meaningless or unattainable, and therefore you don’t have to think about it anymore and it is irrelevant. But these are very profound questions of great importance because it affects the choices you make in your life and ultimately (as I believe) what happens after you die! What’s more, you’re not alone in asking these questions, and while quantity of interest doesn’t guarantee importance, you will find company in your search, which is certainly a valuable thing, and you can indeed find reasonable answers to your questions.

Regardless of the answer you come to, every person on this planet asks themselves whether they and their lives matter, and is there anything else besides this life. And we want you to join in because we want your thoughts and opinions since they will help us better understand what we believe. You have a view point that no one else on earth has, and it would be a shame not share and explore it with others.

There are going to be seven weeks of discussions and explorations, centering around the following questions:

  1. Does Life Have a Purpose?
  2. Is There a God?
  3. Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?
  4. Is Christianity Too Narrow?
  5. Is Jesus Really God?
  6. Is the Bible Reliable?
  7. Can I Know God Personally?

Each week will feature videos where multiple world views are expressed. There are such a wide variety of views expressed in the videos that nearly every person who comes to a discussion group should be able to identify with a particular viewpoint. If nothing else, association with other persons, either in the video or in your group, will give you a springboard to start your discussion. Afterwards, the group will begin to discuss as a whole what they think the answer to these questions is and why they think this reason best answers the question. This is not a time for one person saying they are right while everyone else is wrong but is an exploration where the group can grow together and move forward with a greater understanding of what each person believes. Additionally you can gain insight into what others believe and you might even find an answer you were searching for!

Your opinion and thoughts are valued and we would love for you to join us. Please check out the banner on the home page and the Explore God website where there is a plethora of material available for you to view and investigate. Southmont is offering several discussion groups and we’d be pleased to have you, but there are tons of groups all over DFW. Regardless of your reason or of how skeptical you may be, we want you to join. Your thoughts matter and you matter, so we hope to see you there!

Kevin Burnett

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