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The Names of Jesus – John 1

Believe: Encounters with Jesus

Believe Understanding Baptism

Believe The Testimony of John

The Glorious Reality of Christ

The Incarnation (Part 2) John1:14

The Incarnation John1:14

Easter Sunday “Come and See” Matthew 25:5-6

Palm Sunday John 12:12-24

The Necessity of a Witness

Believe The Purpose of Jesus John 1:4-5, 9-13

The Good Father

Believe – the Identity of Jesus, Part 2

Believe – The Identity of Jesus Christ

Believe – A Study in the Book of John

A Coffin in Egypt

From the Start – Joseph’s Big View of God

The Sanctity of Human Life

Who We Are Part 3 Acts 2:37-47

Who We Are: Part 2

Who We Are: Part 1

Jesus is the Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas: Love

The Heart of Christmas: Joy

The Heart of Christmas: Peace is at the Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas Hope is at the Heart of Christmas

From the Start: Jacob’s Last Words (Part 4)

From the Start: Jacob’s Last Words (Part 3)

From the Start: Jacob’s Last Words (Part 2)

From the Start: Jacob’s Last Words (Part 1)

From the Start: A Legacy of Faith

From the Start: Prosperity in Times of Peril

From the Start: Christlike Examples

From the Start: Moving to Egypt

From the Start: Dealing With Difficult Decisions

From the Start: God…God…God…God

From the Start: The Gospel of Salvation

From the Start: God’s Redeeming Grace (Part 2)

From the Start: God’s Redeeming Grace (Part 3)

From the Start: God’s Redeeming Grace (Part 1)

From the Start: From the Prison to the Palace Genesis 41

From the Start: Staying Faithful in the Dungeon

From the Start: A Picture of Faithfulness Genesis 39

From the Start: The Story of Redemption Genesis 38

From The Start – God’s Glorious Providence Genesis 37

From the Start – A Lesson About Prosperity

From the Start – Life’s Critical Moments – Genesis 35:16-29

From the Start: A Lesson on Spiritual Dangers Genesis 34-35

From the Start: “A Display of Godliness”

From the Start: “Jacob’s Wrestling Match”

From the Start: “Confronting Your Past.”
Genesis 32:1-21
Changing the World Through College Students
Acts 17
From the Start
Genesis 31
From the Start – “Biblical Principles to Live By.”
Genesis 30:25-43
From the Start – “Forming of a Nation.”
Genesis 29:31-35; 30:1-24
Easter – “The Greatest Day Ever.”
Matthew 28:6
From the Start – “God’s Refining Process.”
Genesis 29:1-30
From the Start: “Life Changing Moments.”
Genesis 28: 10-22
From the Start: “A Lesson in Futility”

From the Start: “Lessons of a Patriarch”

It Is Better to be With Jesus Then to do Things for Jesus

From the Start – A Tale of Two Sons

From the Start – Fundamental Truths

From the Start – Moving on from Abraham

From the Start – A Legacy of Faith

From the Start – The Importance of Marriage

From the Start – Dealing with Death

From the Start – Abraham’s Great Test of Faith

Make It Matter

Living with Godly purposes in an ungodly world

Making the Most of a New Year

The Gift of Joy

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Hope

Differing Symbols of Salvation

God’s Promise Fulfilled

God’s Amazing Grace

A Picture of Carnal Christianity

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

God’s Visitation

What’s in a Name?

The Perils of Impatience

The Certainty of God’s Promise

Salvation’s All Important Verse

God’s Great Promises – Part 2

God’s Great Promises

The Melchizedekian Priesthood

Growing in the Lord

Choices, Choices, Choices

The Journey of Faith Part 2

Abram’s Journey of Faith

The Abrahamic Covenant

Five Years From Now

The Closing of an Era

The Tower of Babel

The Table of Nations

The Repopulation of the Earth

The Age of Grace